I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I miss these games.. the old ones were great.. but where did they go?

Just to start off.. some of my notable favorites were..

-Secret of Mana (SNES) was awesome..
-Sword of Mana (GBA) was probably my favorite in the series.
-Children of Mana (DS) was also quite fun!

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But somewhere along the lines.. something happened... the series went a little crazy, obsessed with changing.. then got a little bit neglected. Those new ideas they tossed at it.. which don't get me wrong.. change isn't always bad! It's just... the things they tried didn't work out so hot..

-Heroes of Mana wound up being a real-time strategy game.
Honestly, I didn't find it very interesting. It seemed like the foundation of the whole game had been lost.. No longer the Action RPG I was used to, but still.. it was worth a shot. I gave up early on in the game. :/

So.. here we are.. 6 years later after Heroes of Mana's release.. Barely a word about this series anywhere.. what happened? It couldn't just.. die... could it? :(

Though, there was hope!
They made a new game in the Mana series, just this year!
Just what I wanted!
Circle of Mana, for iOS/Android...
It's a mobile/social game.. with card based battles and such.
I won't give up on you Mana games, but.. it's getting hard to be a fan after this long of a drought.

How about you?
Any series you really love that just gets abused, neglected?
Let's talk about it!

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