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What I Learned From The First Heroes Of The Storm Game Night

Last friday with the help of Smi1ey and Yannick LeJacq, we had our first Heroes of the Storm game night for Kotaku TAY and while it was a blast and so many people were down to play, I did learn a couple things for the next time.

  1. 10pm ET was a little too late. I thought with Smi1ey being on the west coast, that 10ET/7PT would be a good start time. However, by 8ET Smi1ey was already online ready to go and so were many other people.
  2. With the amount of interest we generated, it may be better to have a sign up sheet next time, just so everyone can get a chance to play together.
  3. We will need two separate voice chats for the 10 people custom matches and it would be nice to have a second twitch stream from other teams POV.
  4. While we aren’t trying to stifle anyone, we probably should watch the language while live streaming. I personally don’t get offended by anything, but I can’t speak for everyone and we want to make it a game night for all. That said, a lot of the people we were playing with were having fun and everything was in good spirits. I don’t see a problem, I just want to make sure nothing nasty rears its head in the future.

For those of you who missed out on all the action, we will be scheduling another game night in the near future, keep a look out for the post and I’ll have the sign up going a week ahead of the actual game night. If you want to check out some of the stream from our game night last week, check out the video below.

If you have any suggestions on how to better improve the game night please let me know, you can comment below or tweet me @ardilla_negra.

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