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Ever wanted to build a machine gun jetpack? Ever wonder how high a steak would need to be dropped for it to be cooked? What about flying a plane in other planets’ atmospheres? I have too!

All the above ridiculous questions and more are answered with serious science in this amazing book by Randall Munroe.


This Is For The Nerds, and Everyone Else Too!

Science books are dime a dozen nowadays, but how many of you pick them up only to be turned away by walls of text that need too much thinking to be processed? I identify myself as a science lover, yet this happens quite frequently.

What If? contains just the right amount of comedy to make it easy to understand, and therefore palatable to many, yet it also has a wealth of scientific knowledge that will easily please the serious readers.

This opens up an avenue for casual readers who want to gain more knowledge about science, and this book allows you to have fun and feel good about it! It seems you can have your cake, and eat it too!


The review is over already?! And where’s the card?!

To be honest, I started writing this review after finishing the book for the umpteenth time since I bought it, and only now has it occurred to me: I don’t really have much to critique about this book! As a non-fiction book, I can hardly criticize the content, nor can I criticize the writing too much. But that’s not to say I don’t think much of this book! It’s one of my favorites, I daresay it is my favorite.


So my conclusion about this book is this. If you have any interest in science and/or having a good time and feeling good about it, give this book a try. If you’re still unsure, just give these links below a visit, they’re answers to some of the questions in the book.

Machine Gun Jetpack

Interplanetary Cessna

This book gets a solid 10/10 from me, and surprisingly, 5/5 from Patrick Rothfuss, one of my favorite authors!


P.S. I am sorry if I broke TAY review etiquette by not using a card, I just wouldn’t have anything to put on it, to be honest. I will take down the TAY name and logo if the admins want me to, just shoot me a line.


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