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I'm really feeling it!
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What Is The Combat Like In Ni no Kuni?

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So, I have never really been a JRPG player and don't play those games at all. In fact, I prefer games where I am given live action, and I have to myself attack using buttons rather then pressing prompts and waiting for the action to end. However, I don't despise the turn based or prompt system or anything because I loved Costume Quest.

Now, I really think Ni No Kuni looks neat, and has actually got me interested in playing it. Still though, the first question that has popped up into my mind is How Is The Combat Like. I understand the basic system from some reviews and videos, where you have these "pets" ? However, do you just select your enemy and click attack, and wait for the results or do you actively partake in it. For example, pressing square to hit or something yourself.

I would be grateful if someone could answer that for me as that is the only thing that is a determining factor in my purchase! Also, don't bash me or anything, but this is just my preference, I sometimes get bored of the prompt type combat.


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