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What Kind of Gamer Are You?

So I heard about this new gamer personality test developed by Quantic Foundary, a game analytics consulting company. It was described as “the Myers-Briggs test for gamers” and scores your gaming preferences based on 5 different factors. LET’S TAKE IT!

You can find the quiz here. You have to log in first, but I couldn’t get my results to show up if I tried to log in with Facebook, so just put in your e-mail and a password.

Here’s how I scored!


Gaming Style for sub judice: Calm, Proficient, Completionist, and Independent

In other words, I love slower, more strategic games with a lot of challenge and stuff to collect, prefer to have some customization and story thrown in for good measure, and generally dislike playing action and multiplayer games. All in all, extremely accurate to my real preferences.

The percentages basically mean that I scored higher than X% of other people who took the test. So, according to the “Action” score, 93% of other gamers care prefer fast-paced intense games more than I do. However, according to the “Mastery” score, only 21% of other gamers prefer highly challenging, complex strategy games more than I do.

Each category is split into two sub-categories, too. For example, My “Achievement” score is actually more about getting collectables than maximizing the strength of my character - I scored 72% under the sub-catgory “Completion”, but only 6% under “Power”.


This is all pretty consistent with what I already knew about my gaming preferences, but it still had some surprises. I’m actually kinda shocked that my “Action” score was so low, but now that I think about it, it makes sense. All of the action-adventure games I’ve loved have had some kind of collectable element to it - Mario 64 clones like Jak & Daxter, Starfox 64 with its medals, skulltulas and extra equipment in Zelda games, even weapons and clothes in Splatoon. And I generally don’t play action games that don’t have this element to them.

I guess I’m a pack rat. Give me a game where I can collect a bunch of junk and I’ll be happy.


Take the quiz and share your results in the comments! You can download the hexagon graphic above that shows your results by clicking on the small download icon next to it.

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