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*According to the critics.

Before I take a step into the world of "which game is best", I'm going to remind you that this article is purely based on numbers. I'm getting said numbers from Metacritic, which isn't always the most reliable source, but still gives us a decent view of how a game was critically received. Obviously if you like Dead Rising and Forza, the Xbox One had the best launch line up. It's completely subjective. Keep that in mind!


As you may have grasped from the title I'm only counting titles that launched exclusively for the system in question. So if it came out for more than one system (Assassin's Creed), a system beforehand (Flower) or is simply a beefed up version of a past game (Arkham City: Armored Edition) I won't be counting it.. Each exclusive will be followed by its current metacritic score. Let's start with the first "Next-Gen" console to grace store shelves, more than one year ago...

Wii U - November 18th, 2012

New Super Mario Bros U - 84

Nintendo Land - 77

Zombie U - 77

Nano Assault Neo - 71

Chasing Aurora - 64

SiNG Party - 60

Rabbids Land - 52

Average - 69


PS4 - November 15th, 2013

Resogun - 83

Killzone: Shadowfall - 73

Contrast - 63

Knack - 56

Average - 69


Xbox One - November 22nd, 2013

Forza Motorsport 5 - 82

Dead Rising 3 - 78

Killer Instinct - 73

Powerstar Golf - 69

Ryse: Son of Rome - 60

Crimson Dragon - 56

Loco Cycle - 48

Average - 67

So there you have it. The PS4 and the Wii U tie for best average score on launch titles with 69 (hehehe) and the Xbox One barely gets third with a 67. It's interesting to see how close they all were. It's also kind of funny that a 2.5D platformer, an arcade shmup, and a driving sim were the top dogs come launch day. My personal favorite (big surprise) is Nintendo. I love me some Mario and Nintendo Land was much better than I anticipated on day one. Which "next-gen" console lineup do you think was best?

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