Barring small differences that won’t really change video game player’s minds the 2 big consoles are almost exactly the same. A few different exclusives honestly seperate the two consoles. Except their new arms race for backwards compatability. Here’s what I think Playstation could do.

Actually localize games that didn’t make it overseas

The real advantage the Sony system has for its older games library is it’s just bigger. But in between the releases of older games ready for the modern market why not actually sprinkle in a few localization efforts? Yeah they wouldn’t be able to do very many of these at all, the process is a long one for any game, it would feel special. Microsoft just dumps a dozen or so games via emulation every so often, but they’re games you already have, if Sony threw a game out every few months that literally hasn’t been available in the North American market before that would be radical.

Let’s accept it, we’ll probably see a lot of beloved games get released as “buy them again” releases on the PS4, like Persona 3 and 4, Shadow of the Colossus, Resident Evil 4, Okami, et al; nobody’s going to expect Another Century’s Episode.

Play Vita games on PS4

Yeah this is something we all figure the next Nintendo console will do, have the console and handheld be one entity. I think Sony has all the pieces to make this work. The holy grail of bringing your Vita home and transferring over from your save file on the vita to the PS4, play the game on your TV a bit, then back to the Vita for tomorrow. Basically I think the utility of this is readily apparent, but also with all the cross buy stuff and cross save stuff it feels like we’re already going this direction. However, if every PS4 suddenly could play and Vita/PSP game it would totally change the landscape of what’s sensibile to localize. You’re no longer bound by just Vita owners. Yeah 50 thousand sales would of sounded good enough before, but now that there’s another 20 million systems that might buy this game it suddenly has legs. Obviously this is one of those things that if they could do it they probably would, but who knows maybe they just needed to read somone on the internet say it to realize they have the power.


Release Deep Cuts

Yeah the Xbox is making some of the most popular games ever available again on their new console. Thing is most of these games cost about 5 bucks used now and honestly the actual barrier to playing these games is pulling the Xbox 360 out of the closet and plugging it into the TV set. Picking up an Xbox One just for this is actually vastly more expensive for me. What I always thought was interesting about what games got on PSN during the PS3 era was that they were basically releasing a mix of games both popular and plentiful and those that were a pain to pay out for to get in your collection. Seriously Sony have a heart and make sure nobody has to pay out the nose just because the game had a small run.


Yeah bring back multiplayer games

I concur with the large text. With the PS2 Sony jumped to online multiplayer, it would be most excellent if they put a bit of energy in to get some old multiplayer games working.


But we need to start building a library

So I’m all for this digital future but I’ve got stacks and stacks of games that take up physical space. I won’t ever get rid of all of them but if Sony actually put some energy into putting their older games on PSN that just fits with my trend to declutter my life. Console history is a history of physical media with weird cartridges or oddly sized CDs. But it’s 2015, if I want to have a game collection that’s mostly digital that shouldn’t mean I have a game collection that’s mostly torrented.


Long story short

While console wars don’t really mean much the competition can produce positive results for the consumer. I think Sony is in a position to respond to Microsoft’s moves from this past year with some actual effort. Really they’ve had it easy because Microsoft stumbled so masterfully from their launch. I think if Sony just goes for mirroring Microsoft on this stuff for the next year we aren’t really going to see much come of it. I mean I wouldn’t mind seeing Okami or whatever on the PS4 but I think this next year could be an opportunity for Sony to use their position of strength to actually change the conversation.


Gaming changes fast. Some of my favorite games were part of genres that were plentiful 10 or 15 years ago but you just won’t see outside a few releases a year now. I was reading stuff about Star Wars over the weekend and when you think of it the original was a sort of love letter to movies they weren’t making any more. They aren’t making any more swashbuckling movies, no more Flash Gordon. There’s a specific amount of this stuff out there and we’re not going to see that number rise that much. So Sony, I hope they put their energy into no releasing games that are out there now, but maybe use these releases to shift focus to games that just aren’t getting made any more. And God Hand. The copy at my local store is actually going up in price. I’m not playing this game with those jerks, release God Hand on the PS4.