I'm really feeling it!

Hey TAY it me Novi again. I wanted to simply ask you all what is something you collect? Me personaly besides video games I also Collect some Video Games Limited editions the most recent is acquisition is Xenoblade chronicles 2. I was very surprised by the weight of it until I saw the art book inside. I will try to get a pictures article up soon.

The other thing of note would my Instrument collection. I have an: acoustic steel sting guitar, a ukelelelelelelee, a mbira, finger cymbals for sensual belly belly dancing, a recorder, piano horn, GLOCKENSPIEL, a Tibetan singing bowl, an Irish tin whistle, and an ocarina for my jewish heritage.


I also have a large collection of books. That has calmed down since my favorite book store closed its local branch and went online only. Videogames, Musical instruments, and books are my top three. what are you guys? Also i will disclose the findings form is TAY okay form soon.

Last call on it I am closing it friday

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