I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

I feel completely disconnected from gaming. I went into EB Games earlier today to see if I could snag some free DS boxes (I asked, I didn't steal~!), and I noticed people were buying Saint's Row 4. I didn't even know that was out. I asked the dude what the big sellers were - he named off a game or two I haven't heard of. 2013 in gaming for me, so far, has been... Horribly dull. Metro: Last Light was incredible. Bioshock Infinite was great too. But outside of those two, I don't care that I haven't been preordering new games. I've been buying the shit out of retro games - after selling a ton of stuff on eBay, I spent the last few days buying SNES and Genesis game (which I'll list below for the curious)... But new releases haven't interested me at all. I did spent $50 during the last Steam sale though, and I may have accidentally bought some 2013 indie games or something.

Anyway. Enough of my ramble bramble. What are your thoughts of this year in gaming? Are you enjoying it? Am I a cynical old fart? Is this the worst year of gaming since 2007? Answer below.

Bonus - I've bought:
- Turtles in Time
- Shinobi III
- Ranger-X
- Sonic and Knuckles
- Seiken Densetsu 2 (Japanese Secret of Mana - it was $50 cheaper than the NTSC one)
- Kirby's Avalance
- Yoshi's Island
- F-Zero
- These kick-ASS Charmeleon decals.


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