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What's Mine is MINE!

So as some of you may or may not now I'm now in a long transitional period in my life after a big break up last August. For a long time I was mopey and sad, but as time went on I found myself less depressed and less hung up on what had happened. At the beginning of the year I was suddenly in a place where I felt comfortable dating again! I was meeting guys (going home with some) and going out to dinner and movies and fun times! But being gay in southern Alabama (along with only being around here temporarily) means I've had to get used to the idea of meeting people online before meeting them in person, and meeting people who aren't exactly close by; I've gotten pretty comfortable with the idea actually. Long story short: I'm online dating.

Fast forward to today where I've met someone who is clever and shares a lot of my personal interests and ideas (also he's easy on the eyes). He has a love of Zelda, and we can talk for hours about gaming in general. Here's my problem though: I've never dated a gamer (Hell I don't even have IRL gamer friends!). I'm very used to being the smart-geeky one in the couple, while the other is the social one. It never occurred to me I might be in that sort of situation. I've never had to actually share my stuff before! Computers. Consoles. Controllers. Amiibo. What have you. I've purchased for me, and kept to myself.


I know what you're thinking "Damn JpSr388, why you so petty?!" and I'd say "OK sure, but is it really though?". Me and Mr. Handsome were having a conversation about the next Legend of Zelda game and the obvious just jumped out to me... Zelda is a one-player game. ZELDA IS A ONE PLAYER GAME! How do I go about playing a game, without ruining it (Or having it be ruined) by a partner? When I asked him his response was "I'll play it alone". Fair enough, I guess?

So I ask you TAYers who probably have more experience with dating and sharing than I do. How do you date a gamer? Where does mine and his/hers become ours? What happens when you both want to play the same game? DO YOU BUY TWO COPIES!? Let me know in the comment section below!

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