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Rockmandash Rambles: What's with the Nintendo hate lately?

It seems as of late everybody's (well not here, but on comments over the internet and such) been hating on Nintendo, like it's cool to dislike Nintendo. You'll see the next article about how Nintendo's doom and gloom financial situation on a news site, people giving them crap because they are making the same thing over and over again, and don't even get me started on the Tomodachi Life BS that the LBGT community was spouting. They might be valid complaints... but here's the thing: I don't care.


EDIT: I changed the title from What's with the Nintendo hate? to What's with the Nintendo hate lately? to avoid confusion.

Nintendo is a game company. They make a living off of making hardware and games that are fun. They have continued to do that. No game exited me more than a new Smash Bros, or a silly IP from Nintendo like Tomodachi life. When I saw the Nintendo direct for that, it made smile. It was silly, wacky, zany and something only Nintendo would do. It made me want it more than any game on the market for a simple reason: I'll have fun while playing it. The fact that people think it's kiddish or stupid isn't a deterrent for me, because there's one thing Nintendo's always done right: They have always made games that were consistently fun and entertaining, wither it's a single player experience, or Multiplayer. Nintendo keeps on doing what the rest of the industry has forgotten: making games that are fun, having colors in games, having an aesthetically pleasing art style, making games that people will love to play with friends, and making games accessible.

I love my RPGs, Visual novels, etc, but when I want to have a good time without thinking about things, I'll always go to Nintendo. If I have friends over, it's almost a guarantee that i'll be playing some Nintendo game, because that's what they do the best. They make a fun experience, and they really do care about the audience having fun. They have blundered. I'm tired of the low resolution screens, slower processors, cheap build quality, bad online experience etc... but I still buy Nintendo consoles because it's almost guaranteed that Nintendo games will be a fun time.


A prime example of Nintendo doing what they do best is Mario Kart 8. It's on the Wii U, an overpriced, under-powered gamebox that nobody has. I don't even have one yet. I've been reading opinions, reviews and looking at footage for this game though, and it does everything I want in a game that isn't focused on story: Fun gameplay, engaging experiences, great aesthetics, tons of tracks, refined like all hell, a great time with friends, and the list goes on and on. This one quote from an opinion piece from polygon really hit the spot:



"Mario Kart 8 feels like the best rides at Disney World. The tracks always show you something amazing, and the high definition facelifts of the content from older games is nearly as good. I would put the visuals of Mario Kart 8 against almost all other games on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 in a blind "taste test" with random people and expect Mario Kart 8 to win a majority of the time."


If Nintendo can make a game that looks better than a majority of the next generation consoles at 1080p, 60fps on weaker hardware than the next gen consoles which can barely pull 900p, 30fps, it makes me wonder... why does everyone hate Nintendo? shouldn't it be the other way around, with everybody saying that people should polish and optimize their games like a Nintendo game? Why is everybody attracted to games that push polygons and particle effects instead of games that look beautiful aesthetically? If you can have more fun with this game than anything on your PS4, why are those boxes getting so much more attention? It baffles my mind.

I'll end this off here with my thoughts. I love Nintendo games and how they make games. I love how they are leading the industry with things I actually care about and how they continue to make games I love. They have made some blunders recently, but I don't understand all the hate for Nintendo recently, and none of that hate will deter my purchasing habits of buying Nintendo games. If I were you, I'd just ignore the hate, and have a good time. You'll be a happier person for it.

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