Attention! If you care about QOTD please read and leave your thoughts. Thank you. (Notice: Voting is over.)

Hello all, The Messiah here. As some of you already know, my curiosity gave Mr. Furbs a pink eye, and then Josay! decided it was a good idea to poke it. Needless to say, Furbs condemned us to the fiery depths of hell and left stage right. Thus, a new era of destruction has begun and I will be taking the reigns of destiny for the time being.

So, as the saviour of you all, I will leave you with a few choices of how further editions of QOTD can work out.

1) We summon back Furbs and purge anyone who knowingly crosses the boundaries of QOTD

2) We start anew, but following the previous set-up (mostly questions on anything with the occasional question on gaming like I was doing).


3) We do the opposite of 2 (mostly questions on games with the occasional random question).

4) We do a 50/50 split of gaming and non-gaming related questions.

5) We run both QOTDs at the same time (will require an willing author), but only post the questions on the writers' blog while a QOTD post with links to them is posted on the main page. (ie. Rockmandash's Steins;Gate double review)


6) We kill QOTD

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to leave suggestions.

Note: I will make another PSA dealing with the chosen choice at 5 o'clock Eastern Saturday, or once there is enough input on the topic.