I'm really feeling it!

I'm sure a few of you know about Four in February already. The skinny is that you just say you're gonna play 4 games in February that you've been meaning to finish for a while, to hopefully finish up some of that crazy backlog you've been accumulating.

There's no real rules or stipulations, although I've seen many people online make some up. For me I'm just gonna use it as a reason to finally make myself play through some of these games I enjoyed when I started, but never followed through to finish.


It will be hard to manage finishing four whole backlog games with both Bravely Default and Lightning Returns coming out within the first two weeks of the month, but those two games will still get their time for sure.

So far my tentative 4 look like this.

Gravity Rush- Vita. I started this game when I first got my vita, but kind of just never followed through with it. I enjoyed the 4 hours I put in so far, but I definitely want to just knock it off my backlog list.

Okami HD - PS3. I just started this last night, purchased it in the middle of last year on a psn sale. I already know the story as me and my buddy in high school played it through at his house, but I would love to give it a shot myself.

Super Mario 3D World/ New Super Mario Bros U - Wii U I lumped these two together because they are both really close to being finished, and I've had them for a while. New Super Mario Bros U is just frustrating to no end, so I just want to finish it to not feel so guilty about seeing it on my shelf. Super Mario 3D World is just fun, and I've been playing through with my family. Today we set aside some time to finish it off already, so why not include it in the list.


Mysterious 4th game! - I've got a lot of games on steam I haven't even touched, it's almost embarassing. I've got the first two Batman Arkham goty games, all three Bioshock games, Tomb Raider, and a whole bunch of indie titles. I'll probably just end up picking one to finish near the end of the month.

I've also got a whole lot of other games I've just slowly been chipping away at when I feel like it. SMT IV, Persona 4, and Muramasa Rebirth have been getting equal amounts of time every once in a while when I want to just grab something to play.


So what about you? Have any plans to participate in Four in February? Any recommendations for my fourth game from the ones listed above, or maybe something that has been free on ps+ recently? I do flag all of those games to my account just in case ;)

Here's a link to Joystiq's Staff Picks as well, might inspire you for some game choices. I noticed a lot of them are playing Alan Wake, I think I got that in a humble weekly sale but haven't even applied it to my account, maybe that could be my fourth.

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