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We all knew this was coming eventually, so why not now? What are your top 5 anime series, and why? Anything goes, just as long as you liked them enough to place them in your top 5. And yes, it's a tough question, so make sure you think about it :P No need to be in any order or whatever, just list away! Mine are:

- Jormungand


Yes, I know, I won't shut up about this :P But still. I'm not sure it's because it came at the right time or something, but I remember dropping everything I was doing on the day I found this, and watched all the available episodes at the time in one sitting ^^ The music, the colors, the variety, it was all just amazing in my eyes. Especially since I had a terrible craving for a military anime at the time. . . well, I kinda still do. I really had few complaints throughout the entire series, maybe just a pinch of fan service here, and nitpicky realism issues, but I never once complained about the actual story or the characters. It was all just so smooth and fun.

- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Ah, FMA. . . . It's I think, one of the longer series I've watched to the end and loved it. It's also one of the few I actually bought the manga too. The cast, story, setting, everything was great. It was serious when it needed to, and funny when it wanted to. There's not much else to say about it since, well, I'm assuming most, if not all of you, have seen the damn thing :P

- Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

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To me, GITS:SAC is the gold standard of anime. I can watch this over and over again, and never get tired. I watched the movies, read the manga, and this one is still my favorite . . . . mainly because it has a stronger atmosphere than the manga due to having a soundtrack and colors ^^ I still have a few minor complaints about the series, but it's still amazing in my eyes. I only wish Arise will be as great as this one. . . . But I think they'll pull it off. Productions I.G has a good track record so far, anyway :P



. . . . . . Speaking of Productions I.G, boy did I have a great time with Psycho-Pass :D It's definitely my number one contender for "Best Anime of 2012" ^^ It's also special to me because I don't think I once had any issues or complained about anything throughout the series, and it really has it's powerful, suspenseful moments. From the first episode, I knew I would love it, and I'm glad I wasn't disappointed :D

- Fooly Cooly


I remember the first time I saw FLCL . . . . . . rationing the series to one episode a day was agonizingly tough. It's just really a fun show that always cheers me up while watching it, and I can never get bored of it either. The soundtrack, Haruko, the randomness, Haruko, the Vespa. I just wish I were fluent enough in Japanese to catch all the crazy pun action that happens throughout the series :I

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