I'm really feeling it!

Doom, Doom 2, and Doom 3 dropped for Switch today and I am very excited. Being able to play Doom on the go is just....awesome.

I got Doom to start, paid my 5 measly dollars, and opened the game up.


Why. Why do games do this. Why does the internet make everything so much more complicated. When are we just going to have ONE profile for everything so we don’t need to make countless accounts for neverending bullshit with user names and passwords we will never keep track of and rarely remember.

Seriously. When are we going to move past this crap.

I tried creating account, I kept getting an error, I tried logging in and wasn’t able to. I have no idea if I have an account. If I do, I have no idea what the login info is. Why can’t it just take my Switch name and go? Why can’t I just play Doom?

I just spent $5 on a game I can’t play. All I get are errors. It is unlikely given my level of mild but consistent annoyance and my busy schedule this weekend that I’ll be able to sort this all out and actually play the game until next week.

I just wanted to kill demons while riding the subway. That’s all I wanted.

Damn you to hell, Doom. Damn you to hell.

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