I'm really feeling it!

When bear can't sleep. Good Morning!

It’s about dawn here. I have been awake for some time now. I awoke yesterday around nine in the morning. Midnight had passed Sunday had left us. The day of rest is no more.

My parents are getting ready to head their job at the local car parts manufacturing plant. I just laid around the house, surfed the net and contemplated playing video games and watching anime. However I didn’t get to do much of either. I had been napping on and off all day.


Now I know what semblance of a routine I had is now super dead. I’m on a quest to fix my sleep cycle now. Pray for me as I don’t want to be led astray by the alluring siren song of naps in the sun on the front porch couch.

I bid you all safe travels on your morning commute. Good speed and may the wind blew on your butts. May we meet again whether it be in the open forum, some nonsensical post like this, or even... the IRC!

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