There are rumors abound regarding Mario Maker and it's mysterious poster leak. Regardless of the plausibility or credibility of the leak or game, the idea of a make-your-own Mario platformer has been something people have wanted for a long time. But how much freedom and creativity that Nintendo give's it's players could depend on the style they choose to take.

The Classic Mario (AKA The Famous One)

The classic style, known around the world and synonymous with gaming in general, is a fantastic place for Nintendo to start. It would give an instant boost to recognition on store shelves, and help drive sales. But the building materials would be limited, and despite the immense creativity of the gaming community, we wouldn't have all the fun toys and hazards available in later installments at our disposal. Or Nintendo could de-make the designs of Mario's other games.

It is the style that is seen in the leaked image, so, if we believe it, we can only assume that it's the direction Nintendo has chosen.

The NSMB Style (AKA the Game-Makers Box of Fun)


The New Super Mario style has it's own pratfalls. It doesn't have the same power that the classic style does, and even some gamers say they dislike the art style that Mario has taken in recent installments. Going with the NSMB style, Nintendo could give makers the power ups, obstacles, tools that would add infinite amounts of variety to a platformer-making game, putting it more in line with LittleBigPlanet, Sony's own platform-maker.

There are many other art styles that Mario has taken in-between, like Super Mario 3, Super Mario World, and even Paper Mario! Who's to say Nintendo is limited to choosing anyways. A stretch for sure, but they could give us all the options and let us choose between as easily as swapping a character skin.

So what do you think? Are you OK with Nintendo going with the classic Mario style? It certainly seems like that's the direction they chose if the leak is to be believed. All I can say is that I hope I have all the freedom that Sony gave LittleBigPlanet players.