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When Pokèmon Meets Magic, Magic Happens

I have never been much of a Magic the Gathering player, nor have I been too interested in the Pokèmon Collectible Card Game. But when the two are mashed up, it lights up the nostalgia center of my brain. If these things were real, the only thing that could silence my wallet's screams of agony would be my own squeals of glee.

Imgur user Colby Tallafuss created a set of magic cards comprising all 151 original Pokèmon.


Snorlax, my personal favorite

The most popular Pokèmon of all time


One of the less popular Pokèmon


And finally, the strongest duo


The art for these Pokèmagic cards, if you will, seems to have been borrowed from multiple artists, though each card appears to credited to its artist in the imgur album. See all 151 cards here.

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