Hey TAY folks! Awww look at this kitten. On a more serious note - here's a quick reminder about the front page.

When people come to the TAY I feel like they should be getting our best posts. Some people seem to want to just use it like the old TAY and post what ever thoughts they are having at the moment, not matter how short or long. Please don't tag a post with TayClassic on the main page UNLESS it's the second or third tag. If it's your first tag I'm just going to assume you accidentally published it there (which happens to all of us from time to time). Now I'm going to show you an example of a post that is wonderful for TAYClassic, but not great looking on the main page:

Yep. PHC was excited. But! Posts like this are better left to TAYClassic. If you're going to post to the main page either make it short and sweet (no title and no picture)and add the TAY Blip tag or add a nice cover picture and do it up right.

I'm sure I'm coming off as a tyrant for calling people out for this, but it makes the TAY flow a lot better in my opinion. Got it? Feel free to call me out or take my side on this. I don't think I can stop you from posting to the main page (I mean I coud ban you, but that seems a bit extreme), so maybe just keep it in mind the next time you write up a post.


Does it belong on the main page or in TAYClassic?