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When was the first time you smashed a controller?

Well, it’s finally happened. It took a couple decades’ worth of gaming, but I finally rage-smashed a controller. Rather ignobly, at that.

I’d love to hear your stories in the comments, but first, my brief account of the-game-that-broke-my-DualShock 3:

You see, in Tokyo Jungle (I know, right?) there’s a particularly frustrating late-game boss exhibiting the perfect storm of awful game design:

1: Enormous health bar. Not Trillion enormous, but certainly way bigger than anything seen in the game up to that point, and requiring a whole lotta whittling. (Not that kind.)


2: Knock-down/stack attacks. Every time the boss lands a hit, you get knocked down, and before you can get back up again, it almost always lines up another one.

3: Wonky AI. The only way to beat this boss is to wait for a specific attack that can be countered for a (still minuscule) amount of damage. Unfortunately, the AI sometimes decides not to use the attack, basically forcing a reload.

The net result, after what felt like 100 Game Overs, was one forcefully thrown controller, a few inconsequential scuffs to the wall, and my inspiration for this post.

Damn you, Saber-toothed Cat. Damn you.


Now let’s hear your stories!

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