I'm really feeling it!

I’ve been really busy the last week. I’ve finally gone back to the gym a year after stopping. I’ve been seeing a lot of friends. I’ve seen a few movies. It’s been incredibly hot so a lot of my time is spent showering or laying in front of an air conditioner and falling asleep for a few hours. I’ve barely snuck in an hour of gaming in the past several days.

The problem is that...everything that’s been happening is good! Exercising again has felt amazing, being socially busy is always great, and sleeping extra when you need it feels sooo good. There’s nothing better than being exhausted, sleeping 9 hours and waking up feeling totally refreshed.

But where are the games?!

I have to remind myself, yet again, that there just isn’t enough time in life to do everything I want. I think in the modern world we’re expected to buy, experience, and do everything. It’s a trick of capitalism to make us think we need all the junk we work all day to make (hint: we don’t, and we don’t need more jobs, we need less jobs! Let me know when a politician finally says that). This thinking is ingrained in our culture and virtually impossible to totally ignore. It places us in a continuous state of anxiety around missing out, not having enough, needing to save, and never enjoying the here and now because we’re thinking about other possibilities.


So I just have to let myself off the hook! Great games will always be there, and for the rest of 2019 I’ll have plenty of great games to play. So I should just chill out, relax, and enjoy each day of summer!

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