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Where the Hell Did My Snowboarding Games Go?

I really don't have much to say other than that.

You guys remember the mid '00s? Seemed like every year we got a host of games- Tony Hawk Underground, a new SSX, a new competitive multiplayer high-flying extreme sports game. My brother and I used to battle for a high score, resetting the game whenever our combo was broken, getting super frustrated on the road to unlocking everything, but once you stuck that 1080 Rodeo Flip Stalefish to Manual to 180 Nosegrind to end the run, that feeling of satisfaction washed over you like a warm towel on your forehead. It was great.


I miss the bright colors of the Tokyo Megaplex, the pink-and-blue graffiti of Venice Beach, the soundtracks that introduced me to LCD Soundsystem and many other bands I still love today. I miss the atmosphere those games created.

So where the hell did they all go? I know we got SSX a couple years ago, and that game was awesome, but as far as I can remember, SSX was like the only AAA extreme sports game that came out in recent history. Is there really not a market for this anymore? The Skate games did well— why not make another? Hell, why not make a new Tony Hawk game?

Venues like the X-Games, highlight reels, and video games are the places extreme sports shine the most, weaving feats of human excellence and athletic ability into a smooth symphony of perfection. And there's no risk of messing up a kickflip and busting your knee open.

So I'll ask again— what the hell do I have to do to get my snowboarding games back?

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