I'm really feeling it!
Yer a wizard now, Habboi

The sorting hat has tallied up your answers and determined your houses using WIZARDING MAGICS!


You enjoy long walks on the beach, terrorizing small animals, and eating Tofu. You were probably voted most likely to become middle class in high school. When it comes to brains, you have them. In your head. Like most people!

  • Gugsy
  • Jollybootsofdoom
  • Azure Lore
  • Deadecho25
  • Pigmatron
  • Notgoodforyou
  • Aikage
  • StygianKnight
  • Amandageddon
  • Shockwaver
  • Kidechka
  • Astronaughte
  • Datacide
  • Taurenrider


They really broke the mold when they made you. It cost a lot to replace. You’re constantly in debt but this makes you resourceful. No one ever accused you of not being crafty. Well, maybe they did, but because of that tinnitus who knows if you heard them!

  • DisturbedShadow
  • CouchGnome
  • Magpie
  • PsWii2008
  • Swan
  • BurtReynoldsJr
  • DragonStorm247
  • Habboi
  • GiantBoyDetective
  • TinyTaco8
  • pocoGRANDES
  • GeoStar
  • JpSr388
  • Dark Aether
  • OffkilterPendulum
  • Barkspawn


The name Slythendor comes from the old Greek, “to dance” which is unfortunate since you do not have any moves. One might question if you’re really supposed to be here at all! Slythendor members are very good at blending in and also being the life of the party at the SAME TIME. Who is the life of the party? No one really knows, but they’re doing a great job of it.

  • Mortal Dictata
  • Meathead
  • RacerX
  • Tygore
  • EtchedChamp
  • Umrguy
  • Ishamael
  • Axelchildofdestiny
  • Dragonsashes
  • Watfen64
  • brazenabyss
  • Novibear (of the pants)
  • Dr. Bob?
  • Broken Fantasy
  • ockSMORT


Perpetually inquisitive, Ravenpuffers are known to abhor outdoor gatherings, prefering the inner solitude of a nice meditation session. Eating out of garbage cans is the least likely thing you’ll find a Ravenpuff doing. When the stars align though, you’ll probably see a Ravenpuff turning into a beautiful beetle for a nice night out on the town!

  • Quiddity
  • UI 2.0
  • Ikalx
  • Zarnyx
  • Shardik
  • Herosgate
  • EmeraldMara
  • Wiim
  • RandomKing0x70
  • SeethingHatred
  • Freud
  • Mainprotagonist
  • Lightsaber.ninja
  • Hucota7
  • muckamuck

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