I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Every year I’m invited to a New Year’s White Elephant party. For those unfamiliar, your goal is to bring a deliberately bad gift (wrapped). By the end of the night, everyone has Dora the Explorer coloring sets or seven foot tall singing snowmen, though different parties do the exchange in different ways. Last year, I upped my game and made a White Elephant gift so popular that people actually wanted to buy one.

The IRL RickRoll.

I painted a portrait of Rick Astley and programmed a simple Auduino to play Never Gonna Give you Up, in deliberately crappy, Big Mouth Bass scratched audio.


The problem is, now I don’t know how to top it for this year’s exchange. What’s the best White Elephant gift you’ve given or received? Any suggestions on how to top mine from last year?

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