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Who At TAY Do You Love The Most?

It's Christmas Eve. Ahhhh, how lovely. Just now I bought a 4-Pack of the game Contagion on Steam, gave a copy to my bestie boo, and another copy to another really good friend of mine. But I have one left over. I thought "Well, what to do with this?" And then I thought of a good idea.

So what TAYvian do you think deserves it most? Who do you think should get a copy? There has to be a user here you think should get it. I mean, it's nothing much, but we should show affection to whomever you think puts a lot of legwork into TAY. I mean, why not? I want this to be a community vote too. So guys, who do you think, here at TAY, deserves the copy of ConTAYgion the most?


I think I'll let this run until 10 PM EST Christmas day. Also, whomever is the winner, I'll message them on their ConTAYct List(realized I still have to make one, better get on that) for their Steam account so I can add them and send the game.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! (I know I will!)

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