Tera is a free to play MMO from Bluehole studios that is available on Steam currently. There is no pay to win just pay to look “sexy” (read: nakedish). Last night Ramen, Quiddity, Kidechka and I made our level 1 characters. We’re now level 7-10 ish but still on the Isle of Dawn (Noob Island). If you’re interested in joining us you can hop in the Discord chatroom we’ll be playing most Tuesday and Thursday nights. If enough people also want to play I’ll post a blip every Thursday night when we’re done with the current level range that we’re in so anyone who wants to catch up, can.

Currently we have: (TAY username - in game name - class)

  • Kidechka - Kidexka - Warrior
  • Quiddity - Quidia - Warrior
  • Aikage - Magrathea - Mystic
  • Ramen - D...? I forget - gunner