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Who Wants To Do A Podcast?


I'm DocSeuss.

I have been a commenter for about, what, half a decade now? Yeah, that means I've been here longer than the site's editor-in-chief. I've been lurking even longer than that.


I am aware that, uh, due to my... unique nature as one of Kotaku's commenters (and formerly one of the most frequently-published posters on #speakup), I occupy a bizarre little place in the commenting hierarchy. I am also aware that, with the first shift to Kinja, I, as a commenter, largely disappeared from commenting, and that I've only recently started showing up again. As such, I realize that I am not inherently an integral part of the community, and as a result, may be the worst possible person to be doing this.

But I love this community; always have. During my absence, I, among other things, participated in a podcast with the community I helped name and shape. It turns out that this was really fun. I love talking about degrees, I've got a game design degree, and lately, I've been looking more and more into podcasting, Youtubing, and the like.

And, like, TAY has become this new, wonderful thing since it was reintroduced. I like it—I like it a great deal. I know that, to many of you, I'm something of a stranger, even if you may vaguely recognize my name. I know my most recent posts in TAY have been more about social issues than games.

But how cool would it be if a few of us got together and did a podcast?

If there's anyone experienced with making podcasts, even better. As it stands, I think we'd be good with having three or four people to start with, Skype, microphones, and a headset (if you have speakers and use them while Skyping I will gut you).


Is, uh, anyone up for maybe doing something like this? Short, thirty minute podcasts talkin' about video gaming, the TAY community, and whatever else floats our boat, eventually tossed up on Youtube with footage of gameplay?

Is that cool, or have I just really overstepped my bounds?

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