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Who will we Play as in Life is Strange 2?

We don’t really know much about Life is Strange 2 yet. E3 ended up giving us a look at a separate game titled “The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit” which is set in the Life is Strange universe. This is a free game that was recently released, and the developers stated that there are potentially some clues in this game that point to what may be in Life is Strange 2 . We didn’t hear anything else about the sequel until recently when we received a short teaser trailer for the game which showed a backpack as well as a release date of September 27th. This release is insanely close, but we still don’t have many details about the game such as the exact location, the story, or who we play as.





With the spoiler warning out of the way, let’s start by discussing what we know about the current state of the Life is Strange universe. The first game ends with you having to decide the fate of Arcadia Bay (among other things...). This may be touched on in Life is Strange 2, but it looks as if the sequel is going to focus on a brand new story line. There may be some connections to the first game as I was able to spot a magazine with Mr. Jefferson’s work featured, mentions of Blackwell academy, and a letter by the principal of Blackwell all inside the Captain game (that title is too long so I will be calling it “the Captain game”). It doesn’t look as if Life is Strange is going to be completely ignored, at least. I for one will have a hard time leaving Arcadia Bay behind, but I do respect the developers for letting the past go if they choose to do so.

It has been confirmed that the sequel will revolve around a new location and new characters, but the Cap game actually took place in the same state as the first game and, presumably, somewhat close to Arcadia Bay. We may not directly play as characters from the first game, but I do hope that we see some characters return either by way of more easter eggs or even with potential face to face encounters.


Let’s move past Life is Strange 1 for now and look at the Captain game. Supposedly, what you choose to do in this game will carry over into Life is Strange 2. The captain game ends with the main character (Chris) falling out of a tree. Instead of hitting the ground, though, he floats above the ground before gently landing in the snow. He waves at his friends before a “To be continued...” screen appears. Chris will most likely be a part of the sequel, but I am now wondering if we will actually play as this character. Him floating could point to him having a supernatural power similar to how Max was able to control time in the first game.


Another explanation could be that Captain Spirit didn’t use the power himself, but someone else stopped him from falling. As he gets back up, Chris looks over to two of his neighbors and smiles at them. It could potentially be one of these kids who used this power. Or maybe it is someone else who we don’t see. Maybe our playable character is hiding somewhere and catching Chris.

There is also the third possibility that he was simply imagining this just like he was imagining so many other things in the game such as going to new worlds and encountering scary villains. But this one scene played completely different to his other imaginations as it didn’t seem to cut into an imaginary world but was still grounded in reality.


When I first heard about Captain Spirit, I assumed that we would only come across Chris in our adventure in Life is Strange 2. We know that there is some problems with this kid; so maybe we can appear in his life and help him out. But the Captain game really seemed to delve deep into this boy’s life and really lay out his personality and problems as well as the lives of those around him. It helped to convince me that we may very well be playing as this boy in the next game.

Now, the developers did mention in their E3 video that they wanted to expand the universe of Life is Strange by showing more of Chris. They also talk about how they wanted him to have a short, full experience upon writing his character in Life is Strange 2. This definitely hints at him not being the main character of Life is Strange 2, but it may still be a possibility.


I personally was hoping that we would simply run into this character rather than play the entirety of the game as him. Don’t get me wrong though. I enjoyed playing as this character in the Captain Spirit game, and I felt very attached to him. I just don’t know if I can see myself playing an entire game as this character. Some of the joy of playing as Max in Life is Strange 1 was that she is around the same age as me. I felt a much stronger connection and bond to her. The experiences she went through, the actions that she took, and the environments that she was in really resonated with me personally. For Captain Spirit, I felt similar feelings, but I was mainly reminded of my childhood. I don’t know if we have an exact age for Captain Spirit, but I assume he is around ten years old or so. Playing a game with the eyes of a child can be entertaining and can definitely work, but I would prefer a more mature character that I can really relate to.

That isn’t to say that Life is Strange 2 shouldn’t have you play as Captain Spirit. If this is the case, then I can definitely be on board with him. I think that his character was really intriguing, and his dialogue, actions, and even voice actor were are really believable and enjoyable.


The only major clue we have of who we will be playing as is with the Life is Strange 2 teaser. The backpack that we see will be able to be customized. The four pre-order bonuses are backpack customization items by way of a power bear, two different Captain Hot Dogs, or with a yellow design similar to Captain Spirit’s tattoo. From the Captain Spirit game, we do know that he is a huge fan of Captain Hotdog, and Power Bear is in his room as well. This may point to Chris being the main character.


But, the look of the backpack in the teaser is really dark and doesn’t really look like a backpack that he would use. It looks a bit more simplistic rather than a normal kid’s backpack (obviously he can use whatever backpack, though). The trailer is also grittier with a black, white, and grey look with the text appearing on the backpack alongside a pretty severe tear in the top left side of the pack. Chris is a very playful, positive, and energetic kid. To have such a grim looking trailer pointing to a kid who pretends he is a super hero seems a bit unlikely.

The backpack from the Life is Strange 2 teaser

We can speculate forever about who we will play as, but I personally feel that we will be playing as a new character that we haven’t seen yet. From what the developers have said, it looks like Chris will simply be encountered in Life is Strange 2 and will not be the main character. I also feel that, even though there are a few easter eggs from the first Life is Strange gamein the Captain Spirit game, we will not be playing as a pre-existing character from Life is Strange.

I am honestly really excited to learn more about Life is Strange 2. Dontnod knows how to craft an amazing story, world, and characters, and I am sure that they will continue to impress with Life is Strange 2.

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