I'm not sure if I've tried this on this TAY, so why not? And well, I feel I haven't been pulling my own weight at all this week, so here's another one of my fun activities! YAY! :D

Ok, so, the object of this game is to draw the featured Pokemon using the following instructions. Then, once you're done, you're supposed to be able to tell which one it is, and post the drawing on a comment for all to see and share! It's fun, it's very mentally stimulating, and it sure beats having prostate cancer, right? Right?? So here we go!

Step 1: Draw a stubby, chubby arch that will make up the neck and head. Not too tall, but not so short, alright?

Paso Dos: Ok, this thing has a chubby body that seems to protrude out of the neck. It's a short body, too though. And it's a quadruped, with rounded upside down triangles as legs. And yes, erase the base of the triangle, since the legs are joined to the body, you know? Oh, and add a tiny triangle at the tip of the legs ^^ Those are it's claws or toenails or whatever the hell Pokemon have.

Step "1-2sin(3π/2)": Ok, so, back to the head. The thing has some arched window shapes for eyes, and within that arched window is another arched window. . . . and don't forget the light shine on the eyes. It's not anime without that! :P Then, sideways "3" for a mouth, with very subtle curves.


四: Ok, now draw some buds that come out of the neck in a circular manner. Like a necklace, ok? Oh, and I forgot the tail; It's just a little triangular stub in the back. And now, for the defining feature! A special appendage that sprouts out of its neck and has the shape of a leaf!

Done? Good! Now share your Pokemon with the rest of TAY and have a good day! ^^