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Why a New Fatal Frame For Wii U Sounds Good.

Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have been collaborating and are in production of a new Fatal Frame game for the Wii U system.


This is good news for the Wii U because it desperately needs more games, and Fatal Frame is definitely one that could fill the maturity void the system seems to have acquired from the public. The only problem I can see is that this game might not even see the light of day in the west.

I say this because Fatal Frame 4 was released on Wii in Japan in 2008 and will never be seen over here in the west. The only entry in the Zero series, as it as called in Japan, that we have seen recently is a spin-off game called Spirit Camera which is for the 3DS. I really think that Nintendo could score big with this game in the west because of the lack of recent good survival horror games. (For Console) That and another game for the system would give people many reasons to dust their Wii Us off, and maybe it could push some people to buy the system.


Fatal Frame is one of my personal favorite series and possibly one of the more frightening and disturbing games in my opinion. I really hope that the game finds its way over to the west, and there is some hope since I think that Nintendo is trying to rally to have games published in the west. (Plus they own a share of this series, so Tecmo doesn't exactly have all the power in this situation.) A recent example of this would be Nintendo's Tomodachi life, I mean did you really think that they would be bringing something like that over here?


Finally I think the mechanics of the game would fit the Wii U. Obviously using the gamepad as the spirit camera would be entertaining, as well as add to the tense moments if used correctly. If they implemented the inventory system like in ZombiU, that would add a whole new box of tense moments to Fatal Frame. (Not that it needs them.)

I'm not going to get my hopes up that this will come west due to the series track record, but I will definitely buy it if it does. What does everyone think about Fatal Frame? Would you like to see a new one on Wii U? And what kind of features do you think the gamepad could add to the horror experience?

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