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Why Doomsday is the Best Movie Villain Yet

I have alot I want to talk about re: Superhero Cinematic Universes. We’ll be discussing pros and cons of both the DCCU and the MCU. If you suffer fanboy rage at useless critiques of fiction, don’t bother responding.

On the other hand, if you disagree with me and can present your reasoning like a human adult, go for it. Different opinions are awesome.


I know you read that title. I know you think “No, you’re wrong.” (I know your already commenting without reading while on the toilet, Dave from Reading, Pennsylvania- SS# 201-22-7610!!!) So let me explain- by talking about something totally different.

The Problem with the MCU

Quick! What’s the biggest problem with Marvel’s films?

“All the lead characters are straight white men.”

That’s right, the villains are all two-dimensional, except Loki. You know who my favorite villain was? Ultron. But mostly because of potential.


How to fix Ultron


I believe that the Ultron program should have been hinted at in Iron Man 3. Veronica as well. Plant seeds, Marvel, come on.

While suffering from PTSD, Stark suddenly envisions a “suit of armor around the world”. He could still save the President, fight the Mandarin, and invent suit-telekinesis. Only now, he gets the staff, and has Jarvis crunch the numbers. Not main plot stuff, seeds.


Post credits, Ultron “kills” Jarvis. Avengers 2 starts at the party scene. (Also, Quicksilver was pointless.)

Now we know all the origin deets and can use the saved time to let Ultron flourish and develop character.


(Also, maybe someone will realise Black Widow’s speech sounds stupidly horrible and fix it before the internet takes it as it sounds.)

Ultron could have been great. Ultron should have been more than a vehicle to introduce Vision and Black Panther.


But That Doesn’t Fix the MCU

What Marvel really needs is pointless, 2D characters, instead of sucking a dimension from existing villains. Or fully-realized characters, but that’s way less likely if it’s not on Netflix.


Honestly, I love the MCU. But I hate it too. It’s sterilized, cookie-cutter format is wearing thin. I’m pumped to see Spidey be an Avenger (sorry you got lost in corporate politics, Garfield. I loved your Web-Head), but not pumped about watching some massive machine related to the bad guy fall out of the sky near a populated area for the climax.

The stars will only carry it so far, eventually the steam will run down. I don’t hope for that. I hope Marvel gets all their characters back and gives each series a voice.


On to DC.

Problems with the DCCU


As of right now, there are 13 Marvel films plus 4 tv series. DC on the other hand, has 1 movie. All their shows are unrelated, foolishly.

So all I have to judge is vague trailers and one flick.

Like everyone, I wish the creative leads of the DCCU were Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. I also like the relative freedom filmmakers are being given.


Man of Steel was too washed out, yes. Too bleak. But I LOVE how they handled the US.gov reacting to an Alien.


I also had no problem with snapping Zod’s neck. He didn’t want to, and he regretted it, but there was no other option. I only wish we could have had more time of him publicly hero-ing.

Also, nobody praises Zod. For a one picture thing, Zod was more realized than TONS of villains. His motivations easily beat Dark Elves and Frost Giants in being relatable (“everything I do...is for my people. My soul...that is what you have taken from me!”)


But DC obviously knows it has to attract a Marvel-esque audience. So finally, I get to the point.

Doomsday: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the DCCU


Doomsday is a shit character, yeah?

No, not cause DoomZod looks like a PoopTroll. As a character, he’s terrible. He has no motivation beyond “kill”. He’s a destructive force of nature, not a being.


He’s the villain equivalent of a child playing super hero (“Nuh uh, I can’t die! Well I’m as strong as Superman! I can keep adapting!”).

So how does this make him so great I wrote a whole post instead of a comment about it?


Doomsday is a 2D caricature to be punched and beaten in a single movie.

You see wherw this is going, right? Doomsday is EXACTLY what Marvel wants. He has no thoughts or feelings, his onscreen persona won’t betray his comic one, and the way he’s positioned right now means the “real” Doomsday can be a threat to the Justice League when they take Than- er, Darkseid.


So, I’m pretty pumped for the DCCU. Maybe it will suck horribly. Maybe it won’t. Either way, they proved they can surprise me, and I plan to sit back and watch these new movies, worry-free.

Until Steve Trevor saves the day and they ruin Wonder Woman.

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