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I heard TAY likes FFXIV. That's all good and dandy, and other stuff, but it's also confusing. Why would you like a game that had to be reborn so soon after it's launch? You cant't possibly think that it's re-launch is the end of it's troubles, can you? Well that's okay. I'm here to save you. From disappointment, from loss, from subscription fees. From the corporate Japanese people, and from yourself.


First thing's first; cat ears need to be abolished like slavery in Morrowind. Along with every race who's sole purpose of being in a game is to give people a pair of fluffy ears to prance around in. I know it's a fantasy game, but these things are the number one reason why servers are flooded with "role players" who would prefer to sit around and play a game of MUD, instead of attacking the damn bandits that are trying to poison the water pipes ten feet away.

See how the ears ruin what would be a great setting in GW2? The only reason why it doesn't effect FFXIV is because it's a lesser game. Cat ears are a plague that leads to an even greater plague that rivals the Great Plague.

Once you get rid of that you can move on to... mounts. "Not the Chocobos!" Yes, those flightless birds. I mean, look at Dragon's Prophet.


They're still mounts, but they're dragons. Beautiful, majestic, fire-breathing and fear-mongering dragons! Dragons.


These things are not dragons. Instead they're a hybrid of the Dodo and Ostrich family trees, and not at all fear-mongering. You could even probably dress up a modern day Ostrich to look exactly like a Chocobo. Regardless, they're all mounts, and as such they all pale in comparison to Waypoints:


These innovating pieces of innovation let you fast-travel just about anywhere you want. It helps a lot, and ArenaNet gets bonus points for making the Asura Gates that allow you to zip around the world's hubs look like Stargates. Which brings me to my final point...


This, people, is what a fantasy world should look like. Preferences aside, this is the best damn looking MMO I've ever seen. It's a trump card among a whole deck filled with trump cards. It's the sort of thing that's born out of an artist's imagination, allowed to run free in a rainbow-cover field of grassland and gumdrops as far as you can eat. It's why you should play Guild Wars 2.

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