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Harley Quinn, or Harleen Quinzel, is one of DC’s most iconic villains (and occasional anti-hero). She appears in various television shows, videogames, and movies, with the most prominent being the upcoming Suicide Squad. Even more so, she is among one of the most popular characters in the Batman lore aside from the Joker. My question is: how long until she gets her own game?

I know it sounds a little silly. By the same logic, the Joker himself should be getting his own series—but hear me out.


It is very rare that we get to see a game through the perspective of the villain. Marvel’s Deadpool attempted to do this, although Deadpool is more an antihero than anything else, and was received with mixed ratings. Critics mostly targeted the gameplay, but applauded the oddball humor that the unique perspective brought. I think Harley has the potential for a similar outcome; after all, we already saw that she can be brought to life in a way similar to Batman in the Harley Quinn DLC for Arkham Knight. Although it was a lacking addition to the base game, its gameplay mechanics were undoubtedly sound.

Gameplay aside, the argument exists that she really just doesn’t have a story to tell. If she were to have her own solo game, what would it be about? Contrary to what you may believe, I think there are dozens of possibilities to fill the plot of Harley’s own title.

A personal favorite of mine would be the re-establishment of the Gotham City Sirens.


Catwoman, Ivy and Quinn; it seems an almost too perfect trio to make into an uncanny action game. I’d even be in support of some kind of Arkham-esque adventure where you transition between playing all of the three to accomplish certain tasks and missions.

Though I don’t doubt Harley will be making many an appearance in future DC games, I can only hope that someday she may see her own debut title. She has plenty of personality, and enough backstory to fill a dozen hours any day. And, if not her, whose to say there aren’t other up and coming villains out there to fill the spot, hm?

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