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I’ve mentioned them a couple times on various posts, but here it is again: I have two geeky tattoos. I have the wingcrest from The Legend of Zelda on my back and Ruby Rose’s symbol from RWBY on my right shoulder. On a general level, tattoos are often looked down upon in many cultures for a variety of reasons. Even in that context though, nerdy tattoos like mine seem to be more significantly dismissed as foolhardy or shortsighted. In this article I detail exactly why I got my tattoos, and what they mean to me personally.

First and foremost, I consider the world of fiction to be, oftentimes, more meaningful and significant than the real world. By experiencing fictional stories, I can slowly begin to determine a purpose for myself in the often bleak and unforgiving environment of reality. So, it makes sense that my favorite fictional worlds would hold a significant sense of meaning to me. That meaning is the biggest part of why I chose to get my tattoos. I want that significance, that sense of purpose, to be immortalized on my person. I feel like they grant me power, that same power that the characters in those stories hold. My Zelda tattoo grants me wisdom, power, and courage. My RWBY tattoo grants me the strength of a simple soul. Knowing that these symbols are marked on my body gives me reassurance in my own ability, substantially increasing my confidence.


Second, getting any tattoo gives me a sense of defiance toward the future. Sure, I may not like these franchises as much as I do now a few years down the road, but the fact that I like them now should be enough for me to commemorate that enjoyment in a permanent manner. Committing to a tattoo design lets me prove to myself that I can appreciate the present, without being constantly terrified of how it will affect me in the future. Then, once the future arrives, I can look down at my tattoos and remember how much I enjoyed the source of their designs. Even if my enthusiasm for them wanes, my tattoos will serve as a reminder for how much I loved those franchises in the past.

I cherish my tattoos, and will never let myself regret them. The power and confidence that they give me each and every day is enough to justify their irreversible, permanent nature. I know how problematic tattoos can be in our society, but the benefits I gain from them far outweigh the costs. Does anyone else have tattoos? They don’t have to be nerdy ones, just let me know what kind of ink you have in the comments!

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