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Why It Hurts So Much

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Spoilers for “The Door”, the latest episode of Game of Thrones, will be in here! All the spoilers! You’ve been warned!


Sunday night’s Game of Thrones was going along great, as they do. There was Sansa being a sassy badass to Petyr. Dany had the right reaction to Jorah having a life-destroying disease. Arya had another crisis between being Arya and being no one. And, of course, this...


Which I love is a thing now. It just proves how in touch with the fandom the creators are, because this is the best ship since shipping began. As long as it continues, there will at least be one laugh per episode.

Then from high to low. The end of the show was about Bran. Lost in a green dream (or flashback, or whatever you want to call it), he gets touched by the Night’s King. That’s when everything went to crap. I actually remarked that maybe they’ll finally kill off Mira, who has always been underwhelming to me on the show. While impressive in the books, I’ve never thought the screen Mira lived up to her written counterpart.


For a split second, I thought about Hodor. But they would never kill him. Never.

Today I’m still trying to deal with the fact that they killed Hodor. I cried. I haven’t cried over any death in the show. Not one. Not even when Jon “died.” That was mostly because I cried at the book and steeled myself for the onscreen scene.


I’ve thought about every character dying. Most many times. I’m still trying to figure out why I never spent more thoughts on Hodor dying. Why exactly I thought he was invulnerable.

When you think about deaths in Game of Thrones, most have reasons. Some political. Some religious. Some out of passion. Some out of hate. Hodor is not political. Or religious. Possibly passionate about caring for Bran, but never hateful. Religion and politics are something we aren’t even sure Hodor can comprehend. He did die protecting those he loved, and that in itself is a cruel punishment and a great honor.


But more then anything, I find myself missing the show’s mascot. There is no controversy in Hodor. No one loves to hate him. Or hates to love him. We all love him. We’ve all made Hodor jokes. All he does is say his name. For us gamers, we think Pokemon. Hodor is the Pikachu of Game of Thrones. Ok, I’m sure someone hates Pikachu. Hodor is Mew? I’m getting off track.

Hodor is childlike, sweet, and wonderful. And while “The Door” explained how he became this way, we will never forget him as he was. Our friend was taken. Our happiness. And it hurts so much.


I’ll just leave 3 last thoughts here:

R.I.P. Hodor

Hold the door!

Hodor White Walker...Just to dig that knife in a little deeper, because it is, after all, Game of Thrones.

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