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In case you missed it (you know you didn't), Nintendo just blew the lid off of a ton of new Smash Bros. for Wii U info. We got eight player Smash, tons of new challenges, trophy boxes, a bigger soundtrack and even Ridley (kinda). But Mewtwo is easily, far and away the most exciting announcement. Because he won't be out until 2015.

Wait, what? How is that exciting? Well, it's simple really. While Nintendo didn't come right out and say it, they confirmed that DLC characters are coming to Smash Bros. That's what Mewtwo is after all, post-launch DLC. And while it may take the better part of six months to deliver him, I doubt The Big N is going to stop there.


Why would they, anyway? Especially when you consider the fact that Nintendo is tying Smash Bros. to Amiibos. Adding new characters is probably the smartest move they could make. They'll extend the life of the game and get people to buy more physical goods. Even better, what if Nintendo just ditches the traditional DLC model and goes the Skylanders route? Pick up a new Amiibo, get a new character in your Smash roster. It sounds like exactly the right kind of way to move some toys and get people like me (and probably you) to spend 14 bucks on a single character.

With a cast of characters as colorful and diverse as Nintendo has in their back pocket, they'd be crazy to stop with just one of the many characters fans are clamoring for. So give me some Ice Climbers, Lucas, Pichu and King Hippo please. My wallet and I will wait, take your time.

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