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As a gamer who has watched Piracy make the lives of gamers and game developers alike a living hell, I hate pirates. But you know what? I’m afraid to give my money to Konami.

I only started playing Metal Gear games about a year ago, when I bought PS Vita used from the only remaining Gamestop withing a 10 mile radius (Los Angeles is running out of Gamestops) and bought the Metal Gear Solid HD collection alongside Persona 4 Golden.


After googling the story chronology, I jumped into MGS 3: Snake Eater. I was constantly discovering different features for the control scheme, but all the way I was so enthralled by what eventually became one of my favorite games of all time.

Ever since then I have absolutely loved Metal Gear to death. I almost cried at the end of the “story” of Ground Zeroes, since I had just finished Peace Walker. Every step of the way towards MGS 5 TPP was exciting for me; or atleast it was until the Kojima Kalamity.

Despite being someone who only recently became acquainted with Kojima and his work, I feel both sad and ashamed of Konami for lacking the respect, or the transparency to keep a happy workforce and loyal fanbase.

The abrupt canceling (and destruction) of P.T. was the first step towards Konami losing all of my respect as a company. Thankfully, Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima are still in the talks to make a game eventually (once they get the hell away from Konami).


The second step was straight up removing Kojima productions from all of Konami. A group that has brought the most fame to Konami just disappears without explanation, and we’re expected to be okay with that?

The worst thing anyone in power can do to freak people out is to remove something important to people, and not give an explanation. I know this from experience, since just recently my school fired its two most beloved teachers mid-year without any explanation (sadly they were my teachers so I saw the worst of it, thanks a lot AP US History test, I appreciate that 2 you gave me).


While for the past few months there were a few minor things that ticked me off, it was the recent reports from Kotaku that made me lose all faith in the video game business. I have been studying programming and several game engines (cryengine, UE4, Source) and Konami has made me quit this idea completely.

The game development world is no longer a place of hard workers being successful, but rather older executives making millions while the few remaining 1st gen game developers either die off or spend what time they have left building pachinko machines.


By forcing Konami employees to change their emails often, they lose almost any chance of getting a job offer from other companies who would like to hire them. Konami is metaphorically (and for all we know, literally) holding a gun to the head of its employees. No human being should constantly be in fear of losing their job that they probably went to a years of college to prepare for.

Konami degrades its employees, and I’m surprised we haven’t seen any stories of mass suicides in the vain of Chinese Apple product manufacturers. Every dollar we feed to Konami is another dollar in the pockets of slave drivers. The idea that if I continued my dream to either write about, or create video games may lead me to work for a company like Konami is a nightmare.


I will continue to support Hideo Kojima in his future work, but I dont know if I can allow any of my money to go towards Konami.

Konami has killed a part of me that for all I know, could have been genius. That is why I’ll likely torrent a copy of MGS 5. That is, if you guys agree with me? I want you guys to vote for me, should I pirate MGS5 with a heroic “FUCK KONAMI” or should I buy the game when it comes out?



Decide for me!

I apologize for the rant-y nature of this post, I just feel like I should put this out there, and I want to know your guys opinions too!


UPDATE: Thanks for all your opinions guys! I’ve pretty much made my decision, which initially was to buy the game used, but now I’ve decided I’m just gonna wait for the game to go on sale on steam. I’ll buy a used copy from gamestop using a gift card, that way neither gamestop nor Konami make a profit from it! From then on I’ll be boycotting Konami products indefinitely (even you, Yugioh, I’ll be taking my tub full of cards to the local hobby shop to be either recycled or sold in the bargain bin. Holy shit 10 cards for a dollar!? that is a bargain.).

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