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Why More Games Should Be Like Dynasty Warriors 8

Okay, okay guys I know what you are thinking, "Why would we want more games like Dynasty Warriors 8? That's all Koei does!" Just keep with me my dear friends, I gots reasons for this crazy idea. And that main idea is the idea of change. Change?! you shout at the screen, overcome with incredulity! Change from the series of games famous for not changing?! Exactly. You have to read the entire thing now, or go down to the comments and yell at me. Either way, I kind of win.


Okay, the Dynasty Warriors series, and generally all games like it that Koei makes, often times get criticized for being the same as every other entry in the series. This is actually not true at all. As a fan all the way back from Dynasty Warriors 2, who has played every single numbered entry as well as the vast majority of the spin off series, I have seen constant change between games. While the story more or less remains the same, they are constantly tweaking and changing the mechanics of the game as well as adding more characters and even changing whole stages or added an entire Kingdom to the mix like the aesthetically pleasing folk in the picture from the Jin kingdom. All these little changes are not always "good" changes of course. I think anyone who kept up with the series would argue that the changes made in Dynasty Warriors 6 were awful and the vast majority of the fans hated it. But that is where I think the Dynasty Warriors series really shines. They LISTEN to the fans. They are constantly tweaking and changing features in their games to make the fans happy.

That right there is a totally superfluous picture of my favorite character in the Dynasty Warriors games.....So....Enjoy that. Keeping with my point, it seems like such a little thing to make such a big deal about I know, so they paid attention to their fans big whoop such and such game does that too. But I have never seen a company pay such close attention to what the fans wanted so consistently! As I said I am amazed at how much the games have changed to make it more enjoyable for not only the fans but for the newcomers as well. Whether it be the myth-centric world they crafted in the Warriors Orochi games, or the plethora of games based off of popular series, they try to learn and grow between each game. Not because they need to, because they know that generally people will just be like "Oh, another Dynasty Warriors game." But because they are dedicated to creating a better game for the fans! Nowhere is this more evident than in the newest game, featured in the title. Dynasty Warriors 8 has taken every complaint fans had with 7 and obliterated them while taking what the fans liked and somehow making it better!

If you would like to know more specifics as to why this entry is worth playing I would point to the completely revamped weapon system, bringing back the feeling of being unique to the entire cast of characters since each of them has their own weapon, along with a different moveset that does not fall to the same pitfall of just another spear or sword user as in past efforts with the game. I would also point to the addition of a Hypothetical mode to the main storylines of the game that allow the player to in effect change history, which offers some nice changes to the storyline that most fans are used to.


The characters that they added do not feel tacked on, and due to the weapon system actually feel like the mesh pretty well with the rest of the cast.

The addition of the Ambition Mode was refreshing in the sense that it added a lot of playability to the game, but randomized the battles to keep it fresh as opposed to having set battles like in Conquest mode in 7.


If I had one complaint with the series, and this is specific to me, it would be the lack of the narrator voice before and after stages. I loved listening to the super dramatic reading of those lines but alas and alack it is not present here. Other than that it is a lovely game that I would recommend to diehard fans as well as those who have let it fall to the wayside.

In conclusion I think that other studios, and other series could benefit from being more like the Dynasty Warriors series. To spend more time listening to their fans and worrying more about working with them to make a better game the next time! A sidenote being, please go watch the opening movie . It will make your day better I promise!


EDIT**** It was brought to my attention that I do not detail enough about WHY Dynasty Warriors 8 was such an exemplary title in the series so I shall go into more detail about that. I shall place it before the final paragraph. Thank you to mercatfatdeux for pointing this out.

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