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Wii Sports Club and Wii Fit U Hit the eShop for FREE!*

*Well, free for a limited amount of play time.

So this isn't exactly breaking news. These two games became available earlier this week, but Kotaku doesn't seem to have mentioned them both going live.


Wii Sports Club has both tennis and bowling available. You can play for free the first 24 hours and after that you'll have to buy a day pass ($2) or just purchase the whole darn sport for $10. There are new training modes for both and (finally) online play, which is by far the best upgrade to this classic waggle hit.

Wii Fit U (which is what the local Russian tux shop always shouts at me) is also free, but for a whole 30 days, as opposed to a single day. If you own a balance board you may as well give it a go. Could be fun!

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