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A very special episode of Shiryu’s Smashing Adventures right now for the ongoing Wii U SpecTAYcular. Only on TAY, folks!

I can finally take my legendary Mii brawler from my 3DS and use in glorious HD on the Wii U! I am not a man of wisdom so I cannot even fathom the dark magic involved in the whole process, but the end results can’t be denied: Glorious!






Looks like I won’t be needing any new desktop PC wallpapers at work for a while, eh? But single images are so 1990’s Internet, right? Let us embrace the technology of today that allowed me to record the whole 3DS / Wii U transfer magic that made this whole thing possible. Oh, I also recorded a few fights because.. why wouldn’t I?

Mii brawlers are a forced to be reckoned, regardless of your play skill, from pro tournaments to friends gathered around a TV monitor, they are a constant threat. Especially if yours truly is behind the Gamepad!


I think they are one of the greatest ideas that have evolved rom Wii toWii U, everyone gets their own unique, personal avatar to fight with. Looking forward to further Mii usage in future titles.

That’s it from Shiryu’s Smashing Adventures! Hope you enjoyed!

Play Hard, Play LOUD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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