As part of Wii U SpecTAYcular, let's take a closer look to the added functionalities the newly released twelve Amiibos bring to Wii U games.

What? I told you I was gonna get everyone, remember? Not pictured above is the huge hole in my bank account. Onwards...

Move over Skylanders, our new plastic overlords have arrived. And they are well worth the asking price IMO, it's quite interesting to see what they already do, but even more interesting to see what they will do in the future.

Series 1, Numbers #01 to #06... Check!


Series 1, Number #07 to #12... Check!

Ok, all accounted for. Now let's see the magic happen when I bring them closer to the Wii U Gamepad...


Super Smash Bros for Wii U

First things first: You have to keep that gamepad levelled! I messed up a few times while recording this because these pesky Amiibos ran off or I just pressed the buttons at the wrong time. With that out of the way, after registering your new plastic pals, and to quote the great Ken Watanabe in Godzilla: LET THEM FIGHT!

I can see myself spending a lot, A LOT of time just training these plastic dudes and dudettes up to maximum level. It will be interesting to see them square off against my human friends as well. Nicely done Nintendo, not just some half baked attempt to justify the Amiibos.


Hyrule Warriors

" Link has not powerful weapons!" said no one ever when referring to the Hero of Time in Hyrule Warriors. So what happens when you place Link's plastic alter-ego near the NFC magic square? Oh,you just get The Ancient Spinner, the most powerful weapon in all of Hyrule (...maybe? Possibly...).

Ah, glorious carnage. Truly Hyrule Warriors is the best stress relieve in all f Nintendo's gaming history. Oh, did you notice in the beginning of the video I got some very impressive rewards!? Just put any Amiibo near the NFC magic square and you will get a random reward, anything from materials, new weapons and rupees! But only one per Amiibo and a maximum of fiver per day, in case you get greedy.


Mario Kart 8

Something that always bugged me in the excellent Mario Kart 8 was the inability to customize my Mii character further, but thanks to our plastic saviours, we can now unlock themed racing suits for our Miis to wear in race. With the whole Amiibo series 1, you can currently unlock 8 of the 10 racing suits available. Sadly, the racing livery of the one who will forever be our hero remains locked until December 14th when the greatest Amiibo of all time, Captain Falcon will arrive in his full glory to the store. But I digress, you are here to watch videos and a video is what you will get.

That is all these little plastic heroes can do at this time, but more will come in the future, starting with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker very soon. I am quite looking forward to see what Nintendo will have in store for us regarding Amiibo usage n 2015. I still believe a Skylanders like platform/adventure game staring these guys would be very interesting... but even after all these decades, Nintendo keeps finding ways to completely get me off guard, so best not to try and guess what's coming ahead.


Hope you enjoyed this look at my Amiibos. Play Hard, Play LOUD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ