I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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G’day TAY, another day and another Switch post. I’ve held off on making one since many fellow TAY’ers have said most of what needs to be said. I’m personally much enthused by the Switch presentation and its line-up, but I can’t deny that the line-up is to slim for many gamers. But what if the line-up is slim and the information is vague for a reason? Join me on a wild fan-theory with literally no basis other than that I think it’s fun.

So first, some background. When Nintendo first launched its teaser trailer in October showcasing its nature and name, one thought occurred to me: Switch? As in bait and switch? Blame it on not being a native speaker, but my brain was rambling. I personally thought Nintendo was kind off pulling our leg. I mean, Nintendo has always differentiated their handheld and console games terrifically. (I could expand on that in another article, but just roll with me for now).


So what gives, they’re rolling their handheld and console into one? Did they crack some game design puzzle where they make games that are equally suited to short and long gaming sessions? Or is their something else at play. I pondered this but laid it to rest until the presentation.

The presentation came and went and you can find many people’s hands-on impressions all over the place. Basically saying it was all a ruse wouldn’t be funny anymore, so suffice to say I believe everything we’ve seen will hit retail at some point. But two little factors got me thinking. One is a patent filed by Nintendo for a head accessory to slide the tablet in, the other is the HD rumble.

Imagine putting the Switch in headset and playing Skyrim in first person. You find an enemy striking at you, you raise your shield with motion controls. The blow hits the shield and you actually feel the weapon sliding of your shield. As you swing your sword in your other hand, the hit actually delivers some HD feedback through the Joy-Con. VR ladies and gentleman. The Switch has everything already built in.

So the question remains why did Nintendo not show this? A reason to me would be that they can sell the Switch itself first and showcase it as more or less a traditional gaming device. The fact that it’s a hybrid is enough of a message to start with. Showing the Switch can do more might be too much information to process for a person. So let’s say that’s the reason and continue this train of thought.


Tonight, we’ll see a Fire Emblem Direct, (tomorrow morning for those even farther east than I am). And what if at the end of the Direct, or the day after, Nintendo immediately announces another Direct, and we’ll have a train of directs giving us all Switch info in bite sized chunks. This would allow the internet to slowly react and realize all the potential the Switch has. First it’s games, then it’s unannounced features.


As for possible unannounced features. VR is one, but actual tablet features might be another. The airplane symbol in the UI has many guessing whether the tablet might double as a phone or not. But why stop there, let Nintendo go full tablet, have a work or office suite, google and apple mail and calendar integrations or even a pair up functionality with Windows and mac so you can do work on the Switch. Make it more of a regular tablet if you will. Heck maybe Nintendo toyed with Android for a bit to explore the possibilities, spurring the rumour we’ve seen in 2015.

And not only that, the Switch can do way more in Motion control, so another Direct might try and get the Wii angle back. They’ll showcase motion controls and new games like an update Wii Sports resort. Get some more info on new Skyrim features etc.


I’ll stop here. I’ve named this article my fever dream because on one hand this is, there’s no reason to believe Nintendo hasn’t just failed to create more software for this thing, nor is there any reason third parties are keeping their games a secret for the fun of it. But what I do think is that this train of thought, this fever dream, let’s me realise the potential of the Switch. The Wii-U is a system of untapped potential, and I pray the Switch won’t end up like that.

So TAY, if you allow yourself to fever dream with me, what would you come up with?

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