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Wiims gut reaction to Nintendo’s E3 strategy

First off: I will not (yet) discuss Nintendo's announcements in this post. This will be about Nintendo's chosen E3 strategy through the Nintendo Digital Event. With all the major announcements done and a few reportedly still coming, I'd like to take a minute to my feelings with Nintendo's digital event now that the feeling is still fresh.

Small side note. Since TAY is flooded with Nintendo blips and tidbits, allow me to do some advertising for the collaboration across all console fans so we can all share in our own fanboy E3 bliss.


So let's get to it. Last year Nintendo surprised the world by stating that they wouldn't hold a traditional E3 keynote. Instead they showed the world a Nintendo Direct E3. It was bananas, but it didn't have the effect Nintendo hoped. Which is why I thought Digital Event would be the same with just another name.

The digital Event did start with a presser though, and I thought it was hilarious. Seeing Reggie blast the press was awesome, and Nintendo characters backstage kept the humour going on and on. The rapid transitions between announcements solidified their choice of video as a fantastic choice. After all, most awkward moments in standard pressers happen during transitions.

Reggie blasting the attending pressmen spoke volumes though, it sent a message that was clear; Nintendo speaks to their fans "directly" (which is less of a pun as it's just how it is). The rapid succession with little fancy Nintendo is awesome talk (which was still there) showed a dedication of E3 being about the consumers, and not about business or press)


But it didn't stop with the presser. The treehouse live segment kept me glued to my screen until 01:00 (up through the Mario Maker segment because CET). With four games (Mario Party 10, Project guard, project Giant Robot and Star Fox) being announced outside of the presser, Nintendo made sure that the E3 experience at home continues. After all, instead of walking around the show floor noticing games you missed at the presser you are present at the show floor digitally where the new stuff is brought to you.


It was during the treehouse live segment that i felt that this was more than just the presser, this was the E3 event brought to my home in The Hague, the Netherlands. I never felt so connected to an event halfway across the world. This E3 was fantastic for multiple reasons, one of which is definitely that I never felt so close to the actual event, as I've never been able to physically attend. And it's still going, anyone predict the 3ds game that's still going to be announced, Metroid? Majora's Mask 3D? Takamaru's Ninja Castle (the Famicom original hit EURO 3ds e-shop close to a month ago), The hype train just keeps chugging along.

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