Last night I had a dream that an owl flew into my window. When I woke up, it was there. In my yard. Dead. Windows aren’t nearly as cheap as the American Wizarding School system. Damn Ilvermorny always cutting corners...

I have to give props to CrayCraySuperComputer for this one. They suggested the initial idea in the comment thread here:

An open-world action-RPG set in the Pottermore Universe. In my Necessary Sequel series, I’ve talked about both Bully and Psi Ops. I guess The Force Unleashed also counts here. Basically, smash all those games together and set it in JK Rowling’s universe and you have what I’m talking about here.

Something like this...


Since this started as a stream-of-consciousness comment where I vomited ideas in rapid succession, it may not fit the format perfectly, but I plan to soldier on (please, hold your applause).

I don’t know what else to say about the concept. It’s Bully + Potter (with a dash of Psi-Ops/Force Unleashed). Here’s the case:

Yep, all of the pics that made this totally started at the same resolution, sure...


And here’s a picture of me playing it:

“Where does he get such quality images?” - No one reading this.

The next part is really short.

Fun Fact: While I was able to find/make the original titles, I ended up losing Graphics Face Prime. This is GF Beta, and I hate him.


You know, like...good? Standard, normal, basic graphics.

Fun Fact: I signed up for Pottermore before writing this. My Patronus is a Magpie. I have no joke here (unless you count my life)

Actually, I would take graphics that are slightly subpar if it meant amazing particle effects. Magic is more important that facial pores, here.


But if the Ghostbusters game could do Proton Streams on 360/PS3, and Psi-Ops did telekinesis well on XBOX/PS2, there’s no reason this game can’t look good.

Shit. I covered this in Concept. The Harry Potter world. Next!

Heh... Tit...


Okay, no. Look, Hogwarts should be the main area. So school and (dangerous) enchanted forest all free to explore.

“But what about shops? RPGS are usually full of shops to buy stuff! What, you want to make purchases at school?? You think schools are like malls or something, idiot?!”

Well first off, me, that’s a really specific question. Like of all things to ask, you went with shops? Secondly, don’t be an asshole. I was getting there.


While the majority of the game takes place at Hogwarts, there should be some other little areas to explore. For instance, the start of the game is the train station (with the walking, camera, and chit-chat tutorials being there and on the train). Shops (first year students need wands and shit, after all) are located in Daigon Alley. All areas outside the campus are accessible through Floo Powder.

Next time don’t be an interrupting dick, person-I-can’t-stress-enough-is-me.


Ok, this will be the heart of the post. Time to dig in to the meat and potatoes.

Oh yeah... Meat & potatoes...

So as I said, this is an RPG (have you caught that yet?). That means Role Playing Game, which is when... Psyche! Just kidding! Oh yeah, got you!! Seriously though, think of Mass Effect. At the start of the game, players pick their backstory, class, and then make their Shepard. Same deal here.


First, are you Muggle-born, Pureblood, or Mixed (one magical parent)? Are you poor, rich, an orphan, etc? Are you from a well-known, established family (like the Malfoy’s or Weasely’s), or the first to attend Hogwarts (like Hermione)?

Then create your character. Male or female? You know how this works. No, you don’t play as Harry, but I have to explain in the next section (or else it won’t exist).

(I would probably be a muggle-born orphan, first attending. Don’t know race or gender yet...)


Once you arrive at Hogwarts, you go through the sorting hat (Houses could be decided through the same questions on Pottermore’s website) and are issued your schedule (it tells you what classes at what time as well as curfue). From there the world is yours.

Potions class. By the way, that watermark is an acronym for “Ingenious Great Ninja, Can’t Oculize Me”.

The world has a full day and night cycle, with 15 IRL minutes being one hour in game. I have a serious problem with games like GTA, SKyrim, Bully, and Fallout, because one second equals one minute. I think that’s too fast. So here, the whole school day is 90min, and a full day (midnight to midnight) is 6hrs. That should be plenty of time to go to every class, and still complete quests/explore/dick around.


If you choose not to skip class, that is. Just don’t get caught by Mrs. Norris!

Spells can be learned in class, then used to solve puzzles or in combat.

Do try and pay attention, though...


Other than that, standard 3rd person camera with over the shoulder aiming.

Experience points (from puzzles, combat, and passing classes) can be spent to level up your spells & whatnot.


So earlier I said we won’t play as Harry Potter. Don’t get me wrong, his story is cool and all. But it’s not the ONLY story. With the advent of Fantastic Beasts, developers might be tempted to set it during that era (who WOULDN’T want to fight Dumbledore’s first love, Gay Wizard Hitler?)

Me. I wouldn’t. I want a game like the Arkham Series: The first two are great, Everyone shits on the third. No, a game in the universe, but not tied to the film/book continuity.

Plus, if it’s not bound by the FB/HP films, players can choose to not be a white guy. That’s always a plus.


*Attempts to obliviously pander to black women by using words “sassy” and “sista” to describe a potential PC*

I’m thinking it should be set late-60's early-70's, smack dab between the two eras, and not just because Datacide reminded me of how dope the soundtrack would be. I swear. But because this time period could be chock full of nods to both film series, and Hogwarts kinda falls apart in modern day.

Where did you find this?? I thought I burned them all.


Hell, it could be set when Snape and Harry’s parents were in school. Who cares? As long as the player is the hero of this particular story.

Fun Fact: Since I didn’t have a “conclusion” banner, this pic marks “the end”.

Well, that’s all for me today! What do think? Would you play this game? Have any idea how the controls would work? Have a BETTER idea for a Harry Potter game? Leave a comment!


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