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Wildest Dreams: Legacy of Goku (Switch)

¡Hola! ¿Como está? Who’s ready to build a game? What could it be this time? If only there were some clue, like polling or titles...

Sorry, I try to keep the mystery in the opening paragraph. Anyway, today we’re remaking the Legacy of Goku games for the Nintendo Switch. I think the new console is a perfect fit for handheld remakes, and this is just one idea for a remake of my favorite GBA memories.

Fun Fact: I rushed through this banner right before writing because I just realised I didn’t have one

A brief refresher. The Legacy of Goku series is a trio of 3 titles- LoG, LoG II, & Buu’s Fury:

What it’s like to play Legacy of Goku 1

LoG (game 1) overall is a steaming pile of soupy-hot garbage in almost every way (mostly gameplay). Players take control of Goku, so large parts of story (if you’re into that kinda thing) are cut/changed. It’s also just...just so bad.

Most people are unaware of my starring role in this series

Legacy of Goku II is a major improvement over its predecessor. Basic gameplay and leveling up are huge upgrades...on account of existing. Multiple characters are playable this time through (Piccolo, Trunks, Gohan, Vegeta, & of course Goku), and lame nerds who like DBZ may enjoy how the story incorporates movies into the narrative, but whatev.

TFW: Buu so Tough you NEED the lightsaber

Buu’s Fury is the biggest refinement in gameplay. More RPG elements, like stores, money, and gear that gives buffs and debuffs (heavy clothes really lower speed but increase exp). Being set during the Buu Saga means players control both characters AND all their dope transformations/ex machinas. It’s almost as awesome as the incredibly layered and breathtaking fantasy world of Dragon Ball itself. Except it’s a 2D game for GBA.

So my idea is basically this. (Pictured)

I bet it all makes sense now...

Still not convinced? Take a look at this baby:

“Legacy of Goku remake Confirmed for Switch” - Your News Feed in a couple days

Refine the gameplay, bring them to the same base level (quality-wise), put them on Switch. That’s basically the gist of it. Now, the most important question on everyone’s mind when a remake is announced also happens to be the next section.

Fun Fact: “Graphics Face” is based on my profile pic

I know the Dragon Ball fighting games have an art style that’s beloved (or at least tolerated). But I happen to enjoy the chibi-fied sprites in the LoG games.

So I thought, how would the developers stay true to Toriyama’s design, Dimps’s games, and the LoG series? That’s when inspiration struck, and I quickly scribbled this picture that I urge you not to image search and find the real artist behind.

Yep, just a quick sketch I doodled. Me. Not the person on Pinterest, here: https://goo.gl/BzedjH

So imagine that picture, but 3D Cell-Shaded. That’s how I think it should be done, since chibi really works for this kind of RPG.


The camera is still up in the air. Personally, I’m pretty sure I want to be locked in an isometric view with free camera rotation (think Baldur’s Gate on PS2) but I could be swayed to full camera control with a strong argument (it would help if I played the new Pokémon games). So whatever works best is what they should do, but I’m thinking. 2D top-down gameplay, 3D models. Maybe some cinematic swoops or angles for cutscenes/talking to NPCs.

Fun Fact: I spent a crazy amount of time on the details on the controllers that no one will see

This part was initially gonna be a copy-paste job. But if Disney Animation Studios’ most popular film ever produced, Meet the Robinson’s, has taught me ANYTHING it’s Keep Moving Forward. And dammit, you guys are worth the effort of slightly-more-than bare-minimum effort. So here’s the fresh-hot idea for gameplay (that may or may not be any different anyway).

PS- I will always refer to shoulder buttons as L1/2 R1/2 (don’t hate the player, hate the game, baby). Check it:

Man, I hope these pics aren’t too shitty for PC users...

Basic 3-4 button combos (YYX; YXY; YXXY; XYAX; etc) should be a thing.

Part of me really wants to say they should make special ki attacks (Kamehameha, Garlic Gun, Masenko, etc.) separate from basic ki attacks. Like L2 is for special attacks, with transformations requiring both triggers.


Equipment/Loot should return. Though remove the straws and anything like that for consumables. Food/Drink/Whatevs should just remain consistent.

Expand leveling up, but still keep it simple. Every level gained gives EXP points to spend on STR, POW, END, or SPD plus a perk to invest in special attacks. Also, it would be cool (though not necessary) if each race had a special unique stat (Saiyans gain EXP faster close to death, Piccolo gains an extra perk, humans...have...something?).


Maybe add some difficulty levels? The base game shouldn’t be too hard (I mean, at its heart it’s still an intro RPG for tweens- & I don’t mean that insultingly), but there should at least be a harder option.

The final part of gameplay to cover is also the next section.

Fun Fact: I don’t have a fun fact for this one.

I imagine a series of medium-sized open-areas to explore, connected by a hub/over world to fly through (basically, the same thing as 2 & 3 but harder, better, faster, stronger).

“Like this, but Switch.” - He said, not realizing those four words summed up his entire rant.

But I do have one idea to add to this. In that screenshot from LoG II, there are 13 areas to visit and explore/fight. Obviously there were limits on the GBA, but these limits don’t exist on Switch.

Plenty of DBZ games have some version of the world to visit. However I don’t think a single one has captured the sheer number of places to visit. For example, here is a map from the LoG series, with almost all important villages/towns/cities/areas/fights from the whole DB canon highlighted:

I count 37, and I didn’t star all of it...

Let us visit all these places. That would be super dope. It’s a rich, vibrant world full of amazing history and varied environments. It would be nice to visit more than a handful of small zones.


This is the final part to cover, and also the easiest. We won’t be going into too much detail, so if anyone happens to be the type of pathetic geek who enjoys the “story” or “world building” in DBZ you will be disappointed. Not as disappointed as your “upstairs roomates” (parents), but still disappointed.

Now that the nerds are gone, here’s how we fit the nuanced narrative Toriyama-Sama created into these games.

Look at Goku’s portrait to understand why these games need remade.

So the first game should cover Radditz to Frieza, just like the original. However this time, with more characters to play as, the story won’t suffer as bad. Also, cut out the part where Goku, in a race against time to save his son, takes time out to help a small boy woo his neighbor with presents. Being able to play as all these characters also mean a better end fight with Frieza. Next!

The only artist to make a decent pic for this, apparently...https://goo.gl/ukrEil

The second game doesn’t need too much tweaking if everything we mentioned earlier is taken into account. A personal request for “Eyes of the Lion” to somehow reappear.


And finally, game 3.

Props to Giant Bomb

The Buu Saga.

I...I don’t know what else to add. Just take all the crazy ranting and add it together. Final part!

Fun Fact: I based all the previous banners off these ones.

There we go, we have created an amazing game. Super easy right? Doesn’t it suck when you just KNOW you have all the answers to everything but none of the idiots who need you call? Losers.


I also have the review scores already handy:

Seems legit...

Well, that’s all for today. Vote on the next Wildest Dream here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KYWZKL2

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And if you made it this far, THANKS! Leave a comment.

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