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Right, so, streaming culture is pretty huge, as is YT culture. I dunno about you, but I've noticed that... well, certain kinds of games get streamed or recorded, and certain kinds of games don't. Don't get me wrong; people will LP just about anything, but some games just seem to get more attention than others. Cliff Bleszinski said, after directing Gears of War 3, that he realized that the kind of games people really like are the ones they share their experiences in—games like Skyrim or Minecraft.

I am pretty well known for my dislike of Sony games. I think they're overly-linear in a bad way, overly-cinematic in a medium-destructive way, and really kinda poor in a good taste way.

But more importantly, I don't think they're the kind of games people want to stream. In most of Sony's big AAA games, the experiences are the exact same. My journey through Killzone 2 is going to be virtually identical to yours. As such, if I say "Guess what I did?" you're going to go "I already know, I did it," and there will be no interest in sharing things.


Of course, a lot of designers seem rather oblivious to this, these days. They're all about that cinematic action, all about getting players to do the exact same things. The impression I get is that they want to treat their audience like butterflies to be pinned to cardboard, observed under glass.

But I dunno.

Do you think the way games are designed will change to make for games that can be better streamed and recorded? Will designers go "hey, I want Birgirpall to feature my game, so I'm going to make the kind of game he'd have fun recording?"

I'd love for that to happen, myself; dynamic game experiences, I think, are the absolute best.

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