I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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If you haven't already gotten one (like me) Microsoft has removed the Kinect from the box (Thank the Creator) and lowered the price to match that of the PS4 at $399.

It's difficult to think if this will actually matter for the company. When you look at it the Xbox One seems to be a bit inferior technologically to the PS4, but Microsoft does have some good exclusives coming. The problem with this is that it doesn't really entice me into buying the system right now. I want one because of the exclusives, but it just isn't for me right now.


The reason it doesn't entice me is because if the game is a good exclusive: one it might end up on PC so there would be no reason to get the Xbox One, and two if it is a really great exclusive it will be available to purchase much later in the system's life cycle at cheaper price. What that means is people can wait until the Xbox One gets another price drop or even wait until it is at the end of its life cycle. Hopefully the model of the system gets a little smaller as well. I say the size of the system is also a turn-off for me because I really don't want to reorganize my media area, and the Xbox One's size would require a lot of shifting.

They also finally decided to remove Netflix from the paywall. Meaning if you don't have a Xbox Live subscription, but have a Netflix subscription, then you can watch Netflix. Previously you had to have a Xbox Live subscription as well as the Netflix one to be able to watch Netflix. This also applies to many other apps on the system.

It's funny, I said yesterday that if they removed the Kinect and lowered the price I might buy one. Weird. But regardless I don't feel like spending $400 on another next-gen console. I know I will buy it most likely in the fall/winter this year so I can play with my friends who refuse to get a PS4, but right now there is just no point.

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