Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres in the US on HBO at 9 pm ET on Sunday, July 16th and on Sky Atlantic in the UK at 2 am (3 am for the rest of Europe) on Monday July 17th. That is today. Come and join us at TAY Discord to chat about it.

For the world’s most-watched and most-pirated series, it’s often very difficult to find a space to just chat about the show weekly as it happens. Today, that search is over! Over on the TAY Discord, we have a TV Chat that exists to be able to talk about certain popular tv series as they air. At the moment, that series is Game of Thrones. If you would like to talk about the episode and season with “wildling” abandon and spoilers galore in real time with other people, and try to explain how each episode fits into your most tinfoil-hatted theories, consider joining us.

Please ask Gugsy or Nomadic Dec to add you to the TV Chat once you join the TAY Discord.

Winter is here and we hope you’ll join us* as we try to avoid reanimating frostbite and dragonfire incineration.

Once again, TAY Discord link. Ask for Gugsy or Nomadic Dec

This post is not a GoT S7 discussion forum.

*I’m on track for giving GRRM a run for his money when it comes to repeated phrases...unfortunately “join us” is much less appetising than lemon cakes, dribbling grease, or Davos’ missing finger bones...wait, scratch the last one.