Witch Craft Works follows Takamiya Honoka, a seemingly average high school student. One day, a large section of one of the school's buildings almost crushes Takamiya, but he is saved by Kagari Ayaka, the beautiful "princess" of the school. Except she's riding a broomstick and wearing a witch's cape and hat. Before he can make sense of anything, Takamiya is dragged into a magical war between witches that he never knew existed. Is Witch Craft Works a grand illusion, or is it just smoke and mirrors?

Magical Team Rocket

I know their official name is KMM Dan, but screw it, they are freaking Team Rocket as far as I am concerned. They are a group of easily defeated "bad guys" with one of the prominent members being a talking cat, and they quite often "blast off". And they are hilarious. These five mooks with a never give up attitude are a main component of Witch Craft Works' comedy, and they never get old.


Role Reversal

In a nice twist, Takamiya is the damsel in distress, even to the point of being called "Princess" by Kagari, and Kagari is the stoic badass protector. And the role reversals don't stop there. This entire series is essentially a shonen series where all the normally male characters are female and the normally female characters are male. Needless to say, this show has a lot of strong ladies, and I mean that literally, as Takamiya is an oddity in terms of being a male mage with strong powers.

Gorgeous Visuals

Plain and simply, Witch Craft Works is stunning to look at. The show has a very liberal use of vibrant colors, well animated action scenes, and character designs that are to die for. This show is a treasure trove of awesome potential cosplays.


Audio Bliss

The audio in Witch Craft Works is some of the best I've experienced in anime. It is one of the few anime series to complete the musical trifecta. It has a great opening theme song, a ridiculously addictive ending theme song, and a phenomenal soundtrack.

Creeping Kagari

Some of the funniest scenes in Witch Craft Works involve seeing Kagari creep on Takamiya. Such as the sequence where she watches him sleep all night long, then at sunrise, she quickly exits his room and then bursts back in to wake him up.


Ambiguous Factions

There are two factions of Witches at war in Witch Craft Works. They are the villainous Tower Witches and the heroic Workshop Witches. At least it would be nice to be able to clearly define them as such. Obviously the Workshop Witches see themselves as the good guys and the Tower Witches as the bad guys, but neither side seems to have Takamiya's best intentions in mind, and both want to use him in some way. On top of that, Magical Team Rocket makes it rather clear that not all of the Tower Witches are "evil".


Villainess Musical Chairs

There is no true big bad villain in Witch Craft Works. Which makes sense as the manga is still ongoing, and from my understanding is still pretty early on in and of itself, so even the source material hasn't built towards a final overarching villain yet. Instead, what we get is essentially a game of musical chairs between multiple villainesses, as they each take their own turns taking on Takamiya and Kagari. While it sucks that there is not a consistent villain build up culminating in an epic clash, each of the villainesses we get are pretty good in their own right, so it is nice to see so many of them.


No Consequences

There is almost no tension in Witch Craft Works because every majorly bad event is eventually fixed. While there is almost certainly to be consequences down the road in the manga, as it stands in the anime, everything is made better at the end of the day.


When you just get down to it, Witch Craft Works is just a fun series. It is pretty funny, but it knows when to throw in some action and serious moments as well. It is pound for pound one of the most purely entertaining series to air this season. And compared to Wizard Barristers and Magical Warfare, it is far and away the best magic-based urban fantasy series of Winter 2014.