I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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With Animal Crossing New Leaf on the cusp of about two and a half months away, what do you guys plan on naming your towns?I always had the problem when I was a kid picking out names for everything. Wholesomeflame was my first gamertag, changed to Sgt Grizzlychin, and now Skole is sort of just my go to for everything. (Note, not the tobacco product named Skoal.)


I live in a town in the bay area called Suisun, which is a small little place. Not small enough for where everyone knows each other, but our only significant landmark is an airbase. I wasn't all that creative when playing Animal Crossing so in the first Gamecube game, and the following DS release I just named my town Suisun. I think in New Leaf I'm actually going to try and be creative but still kind of silly at the same time.

I'd tack on a part where I'd put my friend code but I'm waiting to see if we're getting the Animal Crossing edition 3DS XL in the states before then. I don't have a console at the moment. Feel free to share your guys' codes though!

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